best place to travel during COVID in Asia

Since the start of the pandemic, travel around the world has become very difficult and many destinations impossible to get too. This especially the case in Asia. There are only a few destinations one can travel too. Of these the best place to travel during COVID in Asia is by far the Maldives. It’s a safe and easy destination. There is no quarantine required and only a PCR test before arriving.

Maldives was actually one of the first country’s to open up tourism since the pandemic began. It has been open since the end of July 2020 for most nationalities with visa on arrival. Now more than 54% of the country is fully vaccinated and in most resorts all the staff are fully vaccinated.

Boring statistics and data aside, when one arrives at any of the resorts the staff will tell you it is optional to wear the face mask. At first the this seems strange as this has become the new normal. We have been revoke the privilege to show our faces to breath fresh air. So it is truly a breath of fresh of air to finally be able to walk around without. To be able to enjoy without worrying anymore.

escape the pandemic to paradise

In this sense the Maldives as a holiday destination offers two great attractions. The obvious a paradise surrounded by crystalline turquoise waters as well as a paradise free of the worries from the pandemic world. Therefore the Maldives is the best place to travel during COVID in Asia.

The staff at the resorts are extremely caring and everything is cleaned and sterilized regularly. Even though we as tourist are free to go without a mask. They still wear masks in most resorts, it seems strange as they are all vaccinated. The thing is they live in small isolated communities, so an out brake would be a disaster, and the resort would have to shut until things would be brought under control again.

best place to travel during COVID in Asia
best place to travel during COVID in Asia

So if you are looking from an escape from your COVID reality in your country. Maldives is best place to travel during COVID in Asia. There are many choices of Resorts, hotels, liveaboards and guest houses. I wont explain this in the blog post. If you want to know where to stay or go, read my blog best way to travel the Maldives. If you want to go for only scuba diving you can read my blog dive liveaboard in Asia and best liveaboard in Asia for more information.

Alright then its time to plan and pack your bags!!! Unfortunately the actual travel part is not as simple as it once was. Planning and preparation takes a lot more than it use to, but don’t let this stop you, as it seems this pandemic is not ending any time soon.

If you want more information about Maldives entry requirements follow this link to the Ministry of Tourism of the Maldives.