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adventure in ASIA

cycle around Asia

There are many ways to travel around Asia. Probably the most interesting and challenging is by bicycle. There is no need to be experienced. Also there is many ways to plan and prepare for a trip like this. The journey can be just for a week and some people spend months traveling like this. Its the best way to discover new places and meet the locals.

dive by Liveaboard

A fantastic way to get to know the countless islands of Asia is by boat. If you love the underwater world or are looking for the best waves. These liveaboards (or safari boats) will take you to the remotest locations where day trips cant reach. Discover and explore the most bio-diverse region in the world. Live in comfort and wake u to the sounds of the waves.

caving in Asia

Discover the underground world of Asia. There are countless caves to be found here. Since the region is predominantly limestone, everything is riddled with caves. Also the region boast some of the biggest and largest caverns in the world. There are also numerous underwater caves. Many can be visited without much experience while others need you to be a experienced spelunker (cave-man). Also there are many caves yet to be discovered, mapped, and fully explored.

climbing in Asia

There are many climbing opportunities. The region holds many monolithic limestone towers. Some towering above the jungle canopy while others are surrounded by the emerald sea’s. There are a few climbers paradises spanning across the region. here many bolted routs to be found, but there are also endless opportunities for trad climbing and opening new routes. There are also a few places that have some great bouldering and deep water soloing.

run in Asia

If you love to run, there are many events year round all around the region. You can find everything from “fun runs”, marathons, and ultra-trail. Plan your training schedule and trip to aid in your bodies optimization. Changes in climate can be very hard when taking part in competitive races. You need to acclimatize properly to reach your maximum performance.

more adventure's coming soon

In the future we will talk about a few more adventure possibilities in Asia. We will also be talking about trekking, altitude climbing, kayaking, and a few others. So please stay tuned.