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dive Liveaboard in Asia

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If you love diving and want to experience some of the greates adventures in the sea, then dive Liveaboard in Asia. There’s a large choice of liveaboards around Asia. Everything from an exotic Indonesian Junk until a luxurious motor yacht. Though they all have one thing in common, a mission to bring you too the most amazing spots to experience the wonders of the area. You can read more about the best liveaboards in Asia 2019-20 in our blog.

Once at sea, only three things 

you need to do:

dive, eat, sleep & repeat!

dive liveabaord in Asia
dive liveaboard

travel in comfort

There’s nothing quite like diving from a a liveaboard. Waking up to the sound of the waves gently splashing against the hull of the boat. Submerge and dive with the first rays of light penetrating the surface to watching the reefs come to life. Then enjoying a marvelous breakfast on deck surrounded by stunning views and the tranquility of the endless expanse of the sea. Full board is the norm on the liveaboard in Asia. They will pamper and feed you 24h per day!!

dive with the experienced

Have you ever been on a dive when you had to go up early because one person in the group ran low on air? This often happens when diving from land based shops because they mix the groups levels. One of the big advantages of diving by liveabaord is that they often require a certain amount of experience to come on-board. Also divers who join these trips are usually more dedicated than the occasional holiday/resort diver.

choose your style

There are many itineraries and comfort levels to choose from when diving with liveaboard in Asia. Trips vary from 1-2 weeks, 1 week being the most common. Though in some regions like in Thailand, they have 2 and 3 day trips. There are a few options regarding sleeping quarters. If you are on your own, you can bunk-up with someone else or get your own private room. Though generally they have 2 person cabins, 2 share rooms, and 4 share rooms. Some have private bathrooms.

dive with nitrox

If your diving a few days or a whole week. Its best using Enriched Air ( Nitrox).Some boats offer free Nitrox while others charge extra per tank. When you are doing 3-4 dives per day for a week, it is highly recommended that you dive with Nitrox. Your bottom time will be very limited if you dive only with air. This is crucial especially in destinations like Indonesia or the Maldives. Most dives go down to 30m. Which means if you are diving with regular air, your bottom times will be very limited allready at the end of the first day. If you are not certified EAN diver, you can do this on most boats.

You can read more about the best liveaboards in Asia 2019-20 in our blog to learn about the best dive places and boats the region has to offer.