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travel destinations in ASIA


This is one of the most popular destinations in Asia. Many people who travel here expect to find a wild tropical country. This is far from the truth, the main tourist spots are very developed. Nevertheless there are many locations still to be discovered. You just need to step off the beaten tracks, and have a little sense for adventure. Then you will find the Thailand of old, the real land of smiles.


This destination conjures up images of paradise in our minds. Lush and tranquil tropical islands surrounded by clear turquoise waters. Resorts of splendor and luxury. You can find this, but there are a few other possibilities when visiting this island nation. You can stay at guest houses on local islands, travel the islands by boat to explore its wonders, and there are more low key resorts too.

more places coming soon

In the future there will be more pages about more countries. On this list will be included Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Nepal, Solomon Islands, and a few others. So please stay tuned….